Tired of Waiting on Production?

Check out our ECU cloning services in Bluff Springs & Buda, TX

As the economy slows down, so does the production of engine control unit systems, which are called ECUs or ECMs. Many of these units are totally out of production or on heavy back order, so you're out of luck if you're looking for an ECU system replacement. That's where Elite TechKey Solutions comes in. Our expert automotive programmers will help you save time and money with trustworthy ECU cloning services.

Stop waiting for production to catch up to get your car back on the road. Schedule our ECU cloning services in Bluff Springs & Buda, TX today.

How does ECM cloning work?

ECM cloning allows you to skip the wait of ordering a new replacement. It's a process that we are highly experienced with.

Here is a simple breakdown of the steps you'll see in our ECM cloning process:

  • We locate used ECUs
  • We make a copy of the ECU data from your vehicle
  • We transfer your vehicle's ECU data into the functioning ECU system
  • We install the ECU into your vehicle

If you know anyone that's having trouble with their ECU, please refer them to us for our cloning services.