Reset or Reprogram Your ECU

Ask about our ECU programming services in Austin, Bluff Springs & Buda, TX

All those bells and whistles in your new car are quite a luxury until they stop working. If your dashboard is alerting you to engine trouble, Elite TechKey Solutions in Austin, Bluff Springs & Buda, TX can check it out. We provide dealer-level vehicle diagnostic and ECM programming services without the dealer-level cost.

We'll make sure the electrical safety and entertainment features are programmed correctly so that you can enjoy your ride. Reach out to us today for professional ECU programming services.

Keep your car up to date

Modern cars rely on modern electrical components. In the world of self-driving cars with interactive safety features, there's always a good reason to get your ECU or ECM reprogrammed.

Luckily, Elite TechKey Solutions provides the ECM tuning services you need to maintain the electrical features in your car. We can even override one-time programming security settings in used cars for new owners.

Learn more about our ECU programming services today by calling 512-312-9150.